About Organic Jetsetter

What is Organic Jetsetter?
Hi! At Organic Jetsetter we try to eat organically and we love to travel! Organic Jetsetter is a new website that shows people where they can buy organic food while they are away from home. The website will provide ‘City Guides’ for major cities around the world – identifying cafes, restaurants, grocery stores and farmers’ markets that sell organic food.

Who will use the website?
Organic Jetsetter will be useful for those that eat organic food at home and want to eat organically on their travels. These may include people eating organically for health and fitness reasons, young Mums who want to feed their kids organic food or those who eat organic for sustainability reasons.

How does Organic Jetsetter differ from other websites that list organic businesses?
Organic Jetsetter is the first global website designed for organic travelers. There are an increasing number of websites around the world that list organic businesses but many of these only feature those pay to be included or they will only cover one country or one city.

 What kinds of organic businesses will be featured on the website?
The website will list organic cafes and restaurants for those wanting to eat out. It will also feature organic grocery stores, co-ops and farmers’ markets for those who want to buy and cook their own meals.

We have also listed organic home wares stores and some cooking courses/food tours that feature artisan, seasonal or high quality foods and where we think these might be of interest to our readers.

Where a cooking course or food tour is not organic we make this clear in the editorial.

How ‘organic’ does a place have to be listed?
While there are a handful of places that are 100% certified organic – these are few and far between. Most places claim to be ‘mainly organic’ or ‘organic wherever possible’ or only partly organic. We have endeavored to only include places that are making a serious effort to be organic and have tried to best describe what organic food a places uses in the editorial. This is not an exact science but we will do our best and listen to feedback from our readers.

Can organic businesses pay to be on the website?
No. Based on our independent research we decide which organic businesses are included on the website. That way you can be sure to get a complete and independent list of organic places for each city.