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If you like farmers markets then head to El Galpon at Av. Federico Lacroze 4171, Chacarita. Every Saturday, about 100 producers (some grouped into cooperatives, others in communities' working groups) sell their products at "The Shed" which is located in a former railway shed in the suburb of Chacarita. The products they offer include food grown on small farms with natural and agro-ecological methods free of pesticides, chemicals or GM. Apart from fresh fruits and vegetables there are cheeses, sweets, cookies, breads, honey, oil, wine and liquors and more. In general, products called "organic" are often more expensive because the production is slower and requires more care, but these producers are aware that, coming directly to the public, they can keep prices competitive. One of the major problems facing small producers in Argentina is that they do not have the certification that their products are 'organic', as such they call their products 'agroecological' because to say they are 'organic' they must be certified (this certification has a myriad of costs that make it prohibitively expensive for most small producers).

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El Galpon
El Galpon
Av. Frederico Lacroze 4171
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