Organic Singapore

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Singapore is a city with an exciting buzz. Whether you are there to enjoy some warm weather, shop up a storm or have some dining experiences, you won't be disappointed. To help you get around the trains and taxis are clean and affordable. The taxti drivers are friendly and seem to all enjoy their 80s music so if you are luck (as we were) you may well be treated to a Rick Astley classic or find yourself tapping along to Flashdance as you are zipped around town. Needless to say if you like shopping and food you will be in heaven. Be prepared to spend some money though as food and wine is expensive and there is the usual premium for organic. With little of its own agriculture, Singapore relies on organic imports from Australia and around the world but there are a number of well-stocked organic supermarkets dotted around Orchard Road and if you want to do something different head out to some organic farms in Kranji.

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